A heart beats! It sure does but when it beats to share a wealth of knowledge and learning with the less privileged section of the society it beats with a lot of echo! Jaanya a great six student has a heart which sure is of gold! This student of Oakridge International School have voluntarily come forward to contribute to this noble cause. “Spoorthi programme “promotes in providing functional education to the less privileged section of the society, so that they have the reading and writing skills to help them cope up with everyday needs that can make a positive difference in their lives.

Oakridge International School,Mohali ( Grade 6 )

This six grade student has been teaching the basic knowledge of reading and writing English language to a women called Rekha who works at her home as a helper. When she realised that Rekha was a divorcee and needed help she came forward to be her guiding star and supported her! One hour of class was the deal between both of them. Every single day the learning got better and better! Adversity often prepares people for extraordinary destinies. So is the case of a young girl called Rekha who despite having been tied down to household chores never let her morale and attitude affect her! Jaanya has given a reason to Rekha to dream of a bright future. As a Oakridger Jaanya felt a reason to help and support Rekha who is currently pursuing Masters in Hindi from Allahabad University!

Jaanya sure lives up to her name! She has given a new life to Rekhha.