Charge+ is associated with Jasraj’s innovation of a Power bank. Features which make this Power bank different from any other is that it is:-
1)Completely Solar powered.
2)Piezoelectric method of charging is available in case solar energy runs out.
3)There is a built-in torch which is powered by human heat.
4)Lastly, There is also a wireless Bluetooth speaker attached.

Indus International School ( Grade 9 )

All of this under a small Power bank. Jasraj got about this idea in the summer when his mother was facing troubles with her power bank and the next day he showed her a model of his own power bank and how it will offer 99% efficiency because you can never run out of energy or charge as you have an unlimited source of energy the sun/solar heat he said I quote the word “Unlimited energy!” So no more would you have to wait for hours too get your Power bank charged and would you have to waste your electricity on charging it. Also Jasraj has started his work towards it and has finished the solar power module so far. Lastly, she believe that Jasraj should get a chance to talk about his ideas to the public and perhaps this is the best way how he can spread it to everyone.