About InnoVenture 2018

InnoVenture, stems from Innovation and Venture- the two things that have revolutionized the world and created history.
Through InnoVenture, we merge 21st century skills with entrepreneurship skills, nurturing the future generation to be Thinkers, Leaders and Innovators of the world. The ultimate purpose of Innoventure is to equip children with ability to create solutions for real life challenges.

We take pride to present to you the 5th edition of InnoVenture- India’s 1st Ideation & Entrepreneurship challenge for children (4th to 9th grade).

“Student getting exposure to design thinking and business models is something very phenomenal. I really hope this event becomes pan India.”

Mr. AbhayJere

Associate Vice Precident and Head , Persistent Labs

Innoventure is a great platform for the students; it is very informative & teaches them how to solve a problem. Children were able to learn how to work as a team which is an important thing. I really appreciate IntelligencePlus-Innoventure team.

Teacher , Sanjay Ghodawat International School.

Innoventure platform is very innovative and creative and the are getting a lot more to learn than we thought of. This is entirely a different trend of education and we look forward to participate in coming years.

Mrs. Sandhya

Parent, Vibgyor High School

InnoVenture has given us a chance of exploring our creativity and critical thinking that we have within us. The interactive sessions will help us in later part of life as we learned about entrepreneurship skills and whatever knowledge we take from here would enhance and bless us with a lot of information and knowledge

Mana Shah

Student, Fountainhead School,Pune

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Frequently Asked Questioned

1. How to register the school for InnoVenture?

To confirm the School’s participation in InnoVenture 2016, the School would submit the application online using this link for the School Registration Form.

Please copy-paste the below link into your browser window:


2. What are the Round 1 Dates?

As part of the registration process, you will be asked to select a preferred date for conducting Round 1.

Any day in the week of:

  • 14th Aug – Monday to 19th Aug – Saturday
  • 17th Sep – Monday to 23rd Sep – Saturday
  • 30th October – Monday to 4th Nov – Saturday

It is mandatory to choose a suitable date at the time of registration

Note: The School is requested to kindly inform us in writing and also over phone in case of any desired change in the Round 1 date.

We request a lead time of at least 10 working days to implement any change in schedule.

3. How is the student registration process done?

Student registrations are conducted by the respective schools directly by communicating with their students/parents.

School can appoint a Coordinator to handle the InnoVenture Process.

Student details are shared with IntelligencePlus via email, (events@intelligenceplus.com ) in the provided format (attached along with the email).

IntelligencePlus gratefully acknowledges the efforts taken by the schools, principals and teacher coordinators in promoting and ensuring participation of their students in large numbers. , we will present all principals and teacher coordinators with special mentorship goody bags (in collaboration with our award partners) for all the schools that successfully enroll 200 or more students.

4. How can the school promote InnoVenture?

Suggestions for Promoting the Competition to your Students:

  • The school may allot a 15 minute talk during the school assembly for students and convey the competition details to them.
  • The school may communicate information to the PTA about the competition and its benefits for all the students, so that the parents can also be informed in all the PTA meetings.
  • Information posters (to be shared by IntelligencePlus if requested by the school) may be placed on school display boards, cafeterias, common areas, main gates, building entry points, classrooms, etc.
  • Electronic media may be leveraged such as Whatsapp, School Facebook pages and groups, emails to parents, SMS to parents to convey the competition details. Softcopies of Email-For Parents, Posters and messages shall be sent to the school.
  • We suggest that the School could include the competition registration details in the student diaries/calendars/website circular.
5. What are the Modes of Payment?

Payment Invoice would be raised to the School by IntelligencePlus. All the payments would be done by The School to IntelligencePlus via the below account details using NEFT:

Kotak Mahindra Bank

East Street Branch Pune City

IntelligencePlus Eduvision LLP

Current A/C No.: 6111603666

IFSC Code: KKBK0000721


In case the school does not transfer funds online, the Demand Draft or Cheque in the name of “IntelligencePlus Eduvision LLP” should be couriered to IntelligencePlus directly at our corporate office in Camp, Pune.

Office Address:

IntelligencePlus, Ground Floor,

842, Dastur Meher Road,

Camp, Pune – 411001

Tel. Nos.: 9922210946| 9021122705| 020-26120090

Please note, the School is permitted to retain 10% of total fees collected from students as part of the School’s administrative charges. Hence, only

90% of the collected fees need to be sent to IntelligencePlus.

Student registrations would be confirmed by IntelligencePlus only post the receipt of payment to IntelligencePlus.


6. How will the students prepare for the Round 1 Exam:

All students who have successfully registered and whose fees have been received by IntelligencePlus will receive Preparation Material on their official email IDs (submitted in Student Registration form) to access and start preparing for Innoventure. This will allow them to access high-quality, well-researched and first-of-its-kind creative preparatory material for InnoVenture from IntelligencePlus.

7. How to conduct the Round 1 Exam?
  • Post the completion of school and student registrations along with payment of participation fees, IntelligencePlus would courier the set of questions papers to the school for conducting Round 1 (written round) in the school itself within one week prior to the agreed Round 1 date. The School is expected to keep the question papers sealed till the commencement of the examination
  • The School will assign classrooms to conduct the examination on the agreed date and will appoint invigilators for conducting Round 1.Care should be taken to ensure no unfair means are used by any of the students and that the time limit for completion of the paper is adhered to.
  • Students are permitted to use pens, pencils and crayons to effectively answer their questions (usage of colours is welcome for answers requiring graphical representation, however, the originality of the idea and concept will get more weightage than the colour and decoration)
  • Invigilators to collect the answer scripts post the completion of the examination and to sort them as per grade and seal the same.
  • The School will courier back the answer sheets to IntelligencePlus within 3 working days of the completion of Round 1. Assessment of the answer sheets would be done by IntelligencePlus independently.
  • Round 1 result would be communicated to school via email, along with the selected students for Round 2.

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