In every one of her vacations, Kyra speaks to and ties up with a school looking to build a library or build up their existing library.
She sends reminders, makes announcements in her classes and has even requested older copies of books from circularing libraries and book shops.
Based on what the schools core need is, she collects between 400 and 1200 books to suit their needs.
These are then sorted age and genre wise into separte cartons and unusable and undesirable books are weeded out.

Kyra Roy, Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra West ( Grade 7 )

In the punyatma trust schools, Kyra collected books for the library of the students who are hearing impaired. They had only very few books so only 10/15 children could be taken to the library at any time. She collected two books per child and 400 for the library. These residential students are now able to go as a whole class to the library borrow books or relax in the library and read. The more acutely challenged student with mental challenges students were given art supplies and drawing books as well as picture books. For this particular school, Kyra also collected a stuffed toy for each Mentally Challenged student in an initiative called Gift a friend for them to be able to form a deep bond and have a friend and confidant for themselves.