IntelligencePlus believe that each child has potential to be an Innovator, Leader or an Entrepreneur not just of the future, but even today!   And what better a way to inspire them to take charge to apply their skills and create solutions for real life challenges around them, than celebrate and share noteworthy achievements!

We are excited to kick start the ‘Young Innoventurer Series’ and Award as yet another 1st of its kind initiative to usher in the innovation and entrepreneurship revolution in schools!

If you have a child/student below 15 years of age in your school that has done something innovative, share the story with us. The innovation can be for a social cause, business product/service or just a solution for a day to day problem.

Share their stories and nominate them below and they shall be featured on all our social media platforms, at the Innoventure 2017 challenge national finale, the most worthy stories of innovation and change shall also get shortlisted for the ‘Young Innoventurer Award’- the 1st ever national award that celebrates innovation and entrepreneurship in children!

Last date of application is 20th November, 2017!

We look forward to celebrating and inspiring thousands of children to be Change Makers of Today!


Charge+ is associated with Jasraj's innovation of a Power bank. Features which make this Power bank different from any other is that it is:- 1)Completely Solar powered. 2)Piezoelectric method of charging is available in case solar energy runs out. 3)There...

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A Heart Beats!

A heart beats! It sure does but when it beats to share a wealth of knowledge and learning with the less privileged section of the society it beats with a lot of echo! Jaanya a great six student has a heart which sure is of gold! This student of Oakridge...

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Kyra’s Book Bank

In every one of her vacations, Kyra speaks to and ties up with a school looking to build a library or build up their existing library. She sends reminders, makes announcements in her classes and has even requested older copies of books from circularing...

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