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IntelligencePlus provides world-class in-school and after-school programs and Edu-Games based on 21st century skills for children in the age group of 3-14 years. We nurture children to be next generation LEADERS, INNOVATORS AND THINKERS with essential LIFE and SUCCESS skills that go beyond academics.

Every initiative at IntelligencePlus is based on extensive global research and incorporates best practices from different disciplines of learning, such that children meaningfully apply their skills to real life situations and lead the way.


Statics Intelligenceplus

Statics Intelligenceplus

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Statics Intelligenceplus

Statics Intelligenceplus

What We Do

With this initiative, IntelligencePlus is making children to think creatively and the platform provided is remarkable in After School Programs

Mr. Anil Goel

Chairman, Chamber of India Industries CII, Pune

It is my son’s favourite program! I envy him as I did not have something like this in my childhood. IntelligencePlus is a group of motivated people who are passionate about kid’s overall development.

Rishikesh Utpat


The concept was really thoughtful, the ideas were well explained and the content was awesome. It was innovative and really different from other programs. I really enjoyed and learnt many tools relevant and useful in real life. Tanmaya Malladi


“It was a great platform to learn and showcase a lot of crative thinking and innovative skills. It also taught us that being creative is important, but being empathetic and sensitive towards the community is also a must.” Tulika Bhattacharya

Teacher, Sanjay Ghodawat International Cambridge School

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